Trust is needed for Economy to Flourish

The rate of people having trust in other people has gone down over recent years and you can’t really blame anybody for that. In fact, lots of crime has happened as a result of people not trusting their friends and even family members. It can be the fault of the almighty dollar since it is the same thing everybody wants. Because of that, it is hard to find people that you can call you’re true friends. It can take a long time before their true colors finally come out. It will eventually come out but you will know a lot more about that person that you never thought was true. For example on, your friends could be saying some bad things about that person and you decided to find it out yourself. You will end up finding out the hard way and you will get traumatized about trusting another person again. This is why alliances are not easily formed and workmates can’t co-exist. In the workplace, you would always think you have friends there but they will stab you in the back one way or the other just to make themselves look good.

Economy to Flourish

They won’t care what you will say about them behind their backs as long as they get what is best for them. They will make you think they are good friends with you and even join you for a few snacks after work but eventually, their true colors will come out and it will come at a bad time especially if it results in you getting removed from your Brazzers discounts work. You will end up wanting to take out that person but just hope that karma gets that bad person one way or the other. After all, what goes around comes back around. It is common knowledge that in the workplace, everyone is out there to do their work for the future of their families so you can’t expect them to be kind to you and it does not matter which institution you are working in. They are all the same whether it is the bank, the government, or the salon.

Millennials have a problem trusting anybody these days especially when you are talking about money. However, trust is needed if you want the economy of the company to grow. The worst part is you don’t really know who is nice in the workplace so you don’t know who you will invite to eat lunch with you. It is going to be boring eating by yourself but if the other people in the workplace are like that then you really have no choice. The economy is just going to get worse if the remaining people who easily trust their colleagues end up turning over a new leaf. In the office, there are always a bunch of characters like the guy who can’t keep his mouth shut and the girl who can’t stop going to the comfort room to put on makeup. What about the fat supervisor who keeps on barking orders and the secretary who keeps on playing online games on her phone? They all have one thing in common and that is they can’t be trusted. Unfortunately, because of the X Art sense of direction nowadays it is common to miss out on some opportunities that could benefit them financially in the future.

For example, you can miss out on the birthday of your workmate who is always late to work even if he lives across the street. The reason he did not invite you is that you barely spoke to him and it would be awkward for both of you to talk to each other like you are suddenly best friends at his birthday. You sure missed out on the chance of getting free food and drinks for that day and that is all because you think he is a person that can’t be trusted. If he looks that way then you can’t blame yourself but you may want to think about the opportunity you missed there.